Mischief in Moonstone Mystery Series

Silkie chickenSilkie chickens—those fluffy clucks that make good pets and look like they wear fuzzy hats—strut through every short story set in Moonstone, Wisconsin.

Each story is a stand-alone story—complete and satisfying unto itself. But all of them feature the fine folks living in a small town in northern Wisconsin. You’ll get to see how their lives evolve over time as you read each story.

The mysteries are award-winning, G-rated, and highly-rated by reviewers.

Re-issues of my humorous romantic mystery novella series, Mischief in Moonstone are now available! Set in northern Wisconsin.

Available now on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

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When Rudolf was Kidnapped“When Rudolph was Kidnapped” {Novella #1}

When her pet reindeer, Rudolph, is stolen from the live animal holiday display, first-grade teacher Crystal Hagan has a big problem on her hands. Her students fear that Christmas will be canceled. Ironically, the prime suspect is a man who lives in a mansion known as the “North Pole.” And to her shock, Peter LeBarron admits to kidnapping Rudolph and he won’t give him back without some romantic “negotiations.”

Misbehavin' in Moonstone by Christine Desmet“Misbehavin’ in Moonstone” {Novella #2}

When the men of Moonstone suddenly seem to be off fishing a lot in the evenings, thus cutting down on her new restaurant’s business, chef Kirsten Peplinski becomes suspicious. She discovers a topless touring boat has set up business in Lake Superior, just outside the jurisdiction of Moonstone. She sets out to give a “dressing down” to the boat’s owner, but Jonathon VanBrocklin kidnaps her, having “undressing” and marrying her on his mind.

Mrs. Claus and The Moonstone Murder“Mrs. Claus and the Moonstone Murder” {Novella #3}

On her second day of duty, new county deputy Lily Schuster finds herself smack dab in the middle of Moonstone, Wisconsin, trouble. She arrests archeologist Marcus Linden for trespassing, then finds she needs his help in solving the murder of a pie contest judge. The suspects involve none other than the town’s Santa, Henri LeBarron, an eighty-four-year-old man now cavorting with the sexy, mysterious newcomer, Felicity Starr, twenty-seven. But can Lily trust her trespassing prisoner, Marcus, who seems to be willing to exchange kisses for clemency?

When Death Brought a Dish-to-Pass“When the Dead People Brought a Dish-to-Pass: {Novella #4}

Three days before Halloween, Alyssa Swain finds a man dead in his car but, once she gets help, the body is gone. When scruffy, tall, dead man John Christopherson shows up alive—after walking through her door, literally, he insists she called him to help her get ready for a party, a party featuring her dead relatives who are coming back for a visit in the old house she’s struggling to refurbish. Now the crazy man who’s helping her fix the floors and the leaky toilet won’t leave her house or her heart. How can she keep him from crossing over into the afterlife at midnight on Halloween?

Mrs. Claus and The Moonstone Murder“A Moonstone Wedding: {Novella #5}

When grocery store owner Margie Mueller’s fiancé–chef Tony Farina–sends her a “fertility rug” to stand on at their wedding, she panics. Tony’s family expects a lot of children, but before Margie can call off the wedding the Farina clan invades the little village of Moonstone on Lake Superior for partying and interference in the wedding preparations. Margie soon finds life complicated even more when she’s got a murder to solve. A dead man has shown up wrapped in the fertility rug. And it appears her fiancé may know more about it than he’s letting on.

Look for all 9 titles in the coming year including — #6 The Moonstone Fire, #7 All She Wore Was a Bow, #8 Pest Control, #9 The Big Love & Murder Shilly-Shally in Moonstone.   Subscribe to my newsletter to get notified as new titles become available.


The Moonstone stories are so entertaining you don’t want to miss one.” ~ Stephanie B. for Fallen Angel Reviews

A delightful Christmas feast. Dame Moonstone, Christine DeSmet, takes us to Moonstone for “When Rudolph was Kidnapped” (a Mischief in Moonstone story). A wonderful tale of small town life. 
~ Melissa for Classic Romance Revival. 5 Wings!

“All She Wore Was a Bow” by Christine DeSmet is a warm holiday tale filled with sweet romance and holiday surprises. I loved the setting and characters.  4.25 stars! Fang-Tastic Blogspot

In “When the Dead People Brought a Dish-to-Pass” (A Mischief in Moonstone story, Story 4) by Dame Moonstone (Christine DeSmet), Alyssa Swain’s world is pushed into overdrive when there is a car crash near her house and later that night the dead man walks through, literally, her solid wooden door and starts helping her getting the house ready for a Dish to Pass party for her dead relatives. In trying to find out who he is, and where he came from, Alyssa makes friends throughout her new hometown and it surely becomes home to her. Then she finds out he is a man in a coma in Texas. Can they find a way to fall in love? Can she find a way to keep him on this side of death? And can she find peace from her own demons? ~ Melissa for Classic Romance Revival, 4 Wings!

“The Big Love & Murder Shilly-Shally in Moonstone” by Christine DeSmet.This story is good, if a bit far fetched, and I enjoyed it a lot. Rating: You Want to Read. ~ Janelle for You Gotta Read.

“The Big Love & Murder Shilly-Shally” in Moonstone seems positively slapstick. Tootsie, sparkling with spangles from the get-go, is utterly implausible and impossibly fun. DeSmet has created this one character with such depth and breadth she almost obscures even the handsome Jules. A very fun read. ~ Snapdragon for Long and Short Reviews blogspot. Rating: 4 Books!

Although “The Moonstone Fire” (Men of Moonstone series, Book 1) by Christine DeSmet is the first book of a new set of Moonstone stories, the secondary characters are from the first Moonstone book, so you may want to read those stories first. This is another cute Moonstone story. The Moonstone stories are so entertaining and fun, you don’t want to miss one. I enjoyed “The Moonstone Fire” and am looking forward to another adventure.  ~ reviewed by Stephanie B. for Fallen Angel Reviews. 5 Angels!

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